Friday, July 11, 2008

Living on my own!

Here are some pictures of my first "place away from home". It is amazing and all the girls living here are the best! My ward is awesome and I have the best Family Home Evening group ever! And my Bishop ... definitely couldn't ask for a better one. Life in Tuscany 321 is a blast! Here is a portion of a newsletter I sent out to family and friends right after my adventure of living on my own began ...

I really have learned some valuable lessons since being here at school.

#1 - Garbage disposals come with a button on them to press when they get plugged up! It is not necessary to scoop handfuls of fish and other various stinky foods out in order to get it working again.
#2 - That can openers are not just electric and you have to manually turn them to open a can. However; it is very easy to cut yourself while doing so!
#3 - That hitting your so called “funny bone” sends a tingling feeling down your arm. This was a shocking and new experience I had never had before!
#4 - That breaking the Honor Code does not pay off! Wearing flip flops on campus will result in falling flat on your face as you are walking up the stairs. A lesson I unfortunately learned.
#5 - Moms do clean WAY more than their children realize they do!
#6 - Lastly … how important family is and how much you long to be with them again! It’s the people I love that are in my thoughts each day, and keep me going while I am here! I miss you all!


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KandyJill said...

Aweee I miss your old room! :( I moreso miss YOU! Kassie come back to us! Skip out on this dental hygiene stuff and live with meeee! I'm gonna be so lonely this winter. I'm staying in the icey cold burg all by my lonesome! Come here!!! I miss you! i love you!